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Gas and Guns Giveaway! June 2022

Gas and Guns Giveaway! Your gas is on us!Get a FREE gas card with your firearm purchase the whole month of June! • Spend $1,000 - $1,499: Get a $25 gas card• Spend $1,500 - $1,999: Get a $50 gas card• Spend $2,000+: Get a $100 gas card *In-store, in-stock purchases only. Not valid on layaway purchases.  Been thinking about getting that shiny new firearm? June is a great month to "pull the trigger"! Get a little help with filling the gas tank with your firearm purchase.  One of our favortie firearms is the AR-15. It is one of the most versatile rifles, you can customize and "build as you go". If you can't afford to purchase the rifle with all the custom goodies at first, purchase the base rifle and continue to "build as you go"! Check...  Read More

The Infamous Black Rifle and Its Rise to Popularity

The gun craze has been ongoing since the late eighties. Bans on importation of machine guns in 1986 halted the sales to civilians. Bush Sr is to thank for the ban on semi auto riffles in the late eighties / early nineties. And during the nineties, through the Clinton era (or as well like to call it the Clinton error), assault weapons and hi cap magazine were banned. The bans mentioned above, as well as politicians looking to point a finger at a gun instead of the individual pulling the trigger, found an easy target to blame and vilify - the AR-15 (Armalite-15). The AR-15 is a little black rifle, that gained popularity from action movies in the eighties and nineties. It is now one of the top sellers in rifles. In our opinion, the AR-15...  Read More

"Cajunized" Custom CZ 75B

Customization is available with many products and the firearm industry is no different! We love building custom firearms for our customers. From AR’s, upper and lowers, to CZ’s we can help you get your firearm exactly as you want it.  The latest in our customized collection is this CZ 75B, which has been “Cajunized” with help from our friends at Cajun Gun Works! The differences may only appear minimal, with the newly installed Armory Craft Yellow Gold Magwell and Grip set, but we did some awesome custom work “under the hood”.   We installed the Cajun Gun Works complete “Pro Package”, which is everything you need to transform your full size or compact CZ into a smooth, crisp, durable, and reliable world class weapon. This is one o...  Read More