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Best Hunting Guns of 2022


When you’re baking cookies to be a specific shape it goes a long way to have a cookie cutter to keep them uniformed. There’s no such thing when it comes to hunting though. Each caliber has capabilities and limitations that determine the effectiveness of that round. The chances of a .22 long rifle will not take down a moose are nil. Whereas a .45-70 would obliterate small game. Thankfully most manufacturers produce rifles in multiple calibers, so here are the best platforms for hunting.

Deer: Ruger American Series Rifles

The Ruger American series bolt action rifles are the result of constant improvement. These rifles feature an ergonomic synthetic stock and three lug bolt. They are optics ready with a rail for picatinny or weaver rings.  Ruger includes a trigger that can be adjusted between 3-5 pounds for the perfect pull. The safety on these rifles is placed conveniently behind the bolt and can be operated by your thumb without having to remove your grip. And true to the name, Ruger American rifles are made in the USA.

Big Game: Savage Arms 110 Series

Hunting elk requires being willing to step off the beaten path and take shots at longer distances than most other wild game. The Savage 110 series of rifles is offered in plenty of magnum and non-magnum calibers to reach out across any terrain. A lightweight version of the rifle is offered that would make trekking several miles into the backcountry just a little easier. Each rifle features an Accu-trigger for a custom trigger pull and adjustable Accu-stock system. Savage rifles regularly perform with some of the best accuracy out of the box available.

Waterfowl/Turkey: Winchester Super X4

Shooting a moving target is one of the most difficult forms of shooting there is. Having a fast shotgun can mean the difference between a downed bird or an empty tag. The Winchester Super X4 series shotgun is the fastest on the market. Using a gas blowback system allows the SX4 to quickly chamber the next round and gives you every chance to hit your target. SX4 shotguns are offered in several camouflage patterns and feature a thick rubber butt cap to assist with recoil in your shoulder. They are compatible with Invector-Plus Chokes so you can customize the shot pattern to your liking.

Small Game: Ruger 10/22

Easily the most iconic rimfire rifle there is, the Ruger 10/22 is the best choice for small game hunting. It doesn’t matter if you’re sniping squirrels or rabbits, this legendary .22 lr is more than capable. It is offered in various styles that include a takedown model, tactical model, and classic sporter model. What sets this rimfire apart is the 10 round rotary magazine that smoothly feeds the action every time you pull the trigger.

It is much easier to select the right caliber once you know which platform is needed. Whatever the game you chase, Cedar Creek Firearms is here to help you fill your tags.

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